ADCO Electric of Texas can design and install solutions that increase home security, aesthetics and overall value. Here are a few of the services we offer:

Emergency Standby Generator
With the increasing frequency of storms and power outages, an emergency standby generator gives you and your family piece of mind 24/7. A generator can also keep your home office up and running so that work can continue uninterrupted when an outage occurs.

ADCO can design and install a complete system that meets your specific needs and budget. This includes examining your current electrical service, evaluating peak power usage and exploring coverage options.

Electrical Service Upgrade
A combination of age and increasing electrical load can make your electrical service obsolete. ADCO can evaluate our current and future usage to design an electrical service upgrade that fits your needs and budget.

Landscape Lighting
ADCO can transform your dark and ordinary exterior into a stunning showcase of light. Not only will this enhance your home’s curb appeal, professional lighting will increase security and safety for you and your family.

Interior Lighting / Renovation
ADCO can give your outdated interior a dramatically updated look by simply modernizing your existing lighting fixtures. And with the availability of LED, you will enjoy the cost and energy savings this technology affords.

Coupled with lighting enhancements, we can also help you give dated rooms a fresh new look and functionality. This can be as simple as glazing drab cabinets to appear as fine pieces of furniture or as expansive as redesigning your kitchen to become the chef’s workplace you always dreamed of.